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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Of Footballing James Deans And Blood Donations....

One of the greatest allures of James Dean is that he appears to us as a sort of handsome Peter Pan. A screen god who never grows old.Just as James Dean is preserved in memory ,in a glorious Time capsule of the Fifties,complete with his camelskin coats and the fateful Porsche Spyders;There is another giant.

A Giant in every sense of the word ;he is also remembered as a flower cut off in it's prime,a colossus that never was.I am talking about Duncan Edwards.
Most would try to rack their brains to think out that name from their memories,but don't fret. Those of you who know a bit about English Football might know his name.Those of you who don't,well here is a brief bio :
Duncan Edwards was born in the town of Dudley ,where to this day,his statue stands.He signed for MANCHESTER UNITED at the age of sixteen and played for five years.A stocky left back,he was the epitome of a perfect footballer.With two good feet,marvelous crossing ability and superb ball control ,he was almost a one man team;a stand-out in Matt Busby's galaxy of stars.
And then ,tragedy struck in 1958,when a Manchester United chartered flight crashed while taking off at Munich.22 people,including seven of the best of English football died instantly.Young Duncan fought valiantly for his life;but lost the battle.And aso passed away the player that Sir Bobby Charlton said,was the only player he felt,and still feels ,that he was inferior to.

Yesterday I donated blood.Not for the first time,but well,every time is a new experience.I had to wait three hours to complete my registration.Then half an hour more for the donation.And then had to trudge back to the hostel all bleary eyed and weak.
Now I know that blood donations are a noble deed,you are donating life to someone and all that,but the thing that caused me to give blood four times in the last one year is twofold.
Firstly I am in an Army institute and blood donations entitle me to three days bed-rest.And for a lazy bugger like me,that's enough of an incentive to donate blood.
And secondly,my flimsy ego gets a huge boost when a grateful ,teary eyed man comes to me to thank me for saving his wife's lifeall the while pressing on me the greatest accumulation of grub i've ever seen !!
Those of my pals who know me intimately ,know that I am no superhero or anything,and seldom do I find chances to ,well ,do something noteworthy.So,everyopportunity's a godsend !!

I did manage to get the gratitude part alright,but the bullshit was that I didn't get the bed-rest.Well ,you win some,you lose some.

Movie Of The Week:Judgement At Nuremberg

Song Of The Week:Motorpsycho Nitemare (Another Side Of Bob Dylan)

Discovery of the Week:Tom Waits (and what a discovery....) !!

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