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Sunday, November 2, 2008

...Of A Few Quick Ones

 This'll make do while I unclog my brain...

             1. They say Modern Bob is Better Than No Bob.They're wrong.Modern Bob is better than almost anyone else out there.

 2.Saigal appears promising.After a lifetime of giving him the miss,he's begun to creep into my brain one song at a time.

 3.If anyone's wondering why my hair's turning grey at such an alarming rate,let them spend the last two weeks in my shoes.

 4.Bill Gates and Tim Berners-Lee are the two people I'd like to meet in Hell.

 5.Today my voice is better than I've ever heard it before.It sounds like a cross between (dare i say it) Saleem Raza and that guy "What's-His-Name".

 6.Being home alone is always fun, but especially when it's clandestine.

 7. I know it's too good to last,but two days without load-shedding makes me harken back to the pre-stone-age days.

 8. I have to get it into my brain that this is my last year of blogging.

 9. Remember the good old days when the only viruses came in USBs and didn't send out Viagra ads ...


  1. you sound the same ... just exhausted which is like you sounding wasted mixed with annoyed...

  2. What is this nonsense about a last year of blogging?

  3. Honest to goodness true,sadly.Join the Army this time next year . . .

  4. Blandings castle?
    Wodehouse fan, are you?