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Monday, February 1, 2010

....Home For The Holidays

Right now, I'm on quite a high. My self esteem's finally got the kick in the trouser-seat that it required, and I've come home from PMA in a much much better state of mind than when I left. 4 things have contributed to this, and they are (in no specific order) as follows:

1. My main motivation for going to PMA (not that I had a choice) was that I'd finally be able to lose some of the flab I'd accumulated over the past 4 years. Lo and behold, after 2 months of training, I've lost 13 kg. 13 friggin' kilograms, hallelujah !!

2. Our Final Professional examination results hadn't been announced by the time I left for PMA, and for the first 3 weeks of training, there was a nagging worry at the back of everyone's mind. But when finally they came out, I'd managed to score some pretty decent marks, thus marking a positive end to my 5 years of med school.

3. The criteria for being allowed to go home on holiday was to pass a series of Physical Efficiency tests, which I frankly didn't expect to pass. Even after 2 months of rigorous (aah,quite an understatement) training, I didn't find myself capable of being able to run the 1 mile and 5 mile tests in the allotted time, let alone complete the various other tests. It came as a pretty pleasant surprise that I was physically fit enough to pass the requisite number of tests and finally be allowed to come home.

4. Finally after leaving the Academy,getting into my car and turning on my iPod (oh how I missed you!!), this was the first thing I heard....

(Phool Khile Bagiyan Main in Raag Basant and Bahaar by Ustad Bahauddin Qawwal and Party)

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