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Monday, April 19, 2010

...Of Freedom And How I Chose To Celebrate It

It's been exactly 24 hours since I landed back home from PMA. My five and a half years of cadet-ship are finally over and the prospect of finally starting my career as a doctor beckons. My stay at PMA was interesting to say the least, and the immense relief I felt on finally passing out is difficult to describe. However, after 6 months of (near)total isolation from all things good and healthy, I was rearing and champing at the bit, ready to "git".

In the past 24 hours, I've...

   Downloaded at least two GB's worth of music.
   Watched Alice In Wonderland (which was awesome) and Clash Of The Titans(which sucked a**e)
   Gone out and bought a Philip Roth, a Nick Hornby and a Calvin And Hobbes anthology.
   Actually managed to write these four or five lines.

   All in all, a pretty decent recuperation if I do say so myself.

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