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Saturday, January 22, 2011

...Of The Secret Chord

Three performances, one eternal melody....

Main Khud Marne Ko Razi Tha
Mehdi Hasan (with Tari Khan on Tabla)

Wherefore Philosophers say that we have learned
Our melodies from those of the revolving spheres.
The song of the spheres in their revolutions
Is what men sing with lute and voice.
We have heard these melodies in paradise;
Though earth and water have cast their veil upon us,
We retain faint reminiscences of those heavenly songs.

Sambhal Kar Dekhna Barq-e-Tajalla, Dekhne Walay
(Haji Mehboob Qawwal,Rasheed Ahmed Fareedi Qawwal and Others)

Hence, listening to Music is lovers' food,
Because it recalls to them their primal union with God.
The inward feelings of the mind acquire strength,
Nay, are shown outwardly, under the influence of music.
The fire of love burns ever hotter,
Under the influence of that divine music.

Haman Hai Ishq Mastana,Haman Ko Hoshiari Kya
(Faqir Shafi Mohammad)

(excerpt from Rumi's Mathnavi)

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