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Monday, May 23, 2011

....Of Me And Mr. Dylan, A Birthday List.

 I would've wished that I'd do at least five posts on Dylan's 70th, but being a doctor with 24-hour duties doesn't let me indulge my wishes. Still, as a bookend to my personal commemoration of Dylan's 70th birthday, here's a slightly modified something I wrote two years ago. Happy Birthday Mr. Bob, and thank you for everything.

Dylan's 70 today. I first heard him in '04, when he was 63," just a kid with a crazy dream" as Leonard Cohen says.
Time doesn't permit a 'proper post', but here's a random list of sorts of ten things that more or less chart my personal Dylan story..

First Listen : Late 2004, I think sometime after I had joined med school.

First Song : 'Like A Rolling Stone" from the Manchester Free Trade Hall '66 concert. (Some initiation !!)

First Dylan Record I bought : " Love And Theft"

First Dylan record I downloaded : "Bringing It All Back Home"

Greatest Gift I Ever Got : The complete Dylan discography, Don't Look Back, Bob Dylan : No Direction Home, Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid and the entire 1st season of Theme Time Radio Hour. All at once.

Current Harddrive Space Dylan Occupies : 25.45 gigs and counting.

Average Daily Trips To Expectingrain.com : 15

Number Of Dylan Books On My Shelf : 7

Theme Time Radio Hour : All three seasons. Plus the two compilation CD's.

Number Of Bootleg Albums : 54 (and counting)

Currently Listening To :

Abandoned Love :

Dark Eyes :

Carribean Wind :

Restless Farewell :

Last thoughts On Bobby's 70 : Happy Birthday Bob, keep on keepin' on !!

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