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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Rest in Peace Edhi sa'ab ...

Arguably Pakistan's greatest citizen has passed away. May he rest in eternal paradise.

While everybody is taking to social media to mourn the loss of Edhi saab, there are more productive ways to express your grief.
1. Pray for him. Offer fateha, organize ghaibaana namaaz-e-janaaza or pray according to your own religious convictions.
2. Donate. Go to www.edhi.org and donate(You'll have to be patient, the website is crashing because of heavy traffic). It takes five minutes. Alternatively, drop off your contributions at one of the literally hundreds of thousands of Edhi donation boxes nationwide,

3. Think seriously about becoming an organ donor. Go to Transplantation Society of Pakistan's website http://tx-society-pk.org/ and look it up.
4. Try to emulate his example in your daily lives, every little act of kindness helps.
It would be a shame if the death of Pakistan's greatest citizen does not compel us to anything more than social media comisserations only

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