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Friday, November 18, 2011

...Of A Rather Ambitious Project

Forty Five recordings.

Six Poets.
Maulana Abdur Rehman Jami
Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi
Allama Muhammad Iqbal
Bedam Shah Warsi
Baba Bulleh Shah
Hazrat Amir Khusro

Nineteen Artists.
Ameer Rafeeq Murkianwale Qawwal
Asif Hussain Santoo, Manzoor Hussain Santoo Qawwal
Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi Qawwal
Bahauddin,Qutbuddin Qawwal
Bakhshi Salamat Qawwal
Farid Ayaz, Abu Muhammad Qawwal
Fateh Ali-Mubarak Ali Qawwal
Ghaws Muhammad Nasir Qawwal
Haji Mahboob Ali Qawwal (RA)
Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Saeen Akhtar And Party
Jafar Husayn Khan Badayuni Qawwal
Manzoor Ahmed Niazi,Abdullah Manzoor Niazi Qawwal
Manzoor Niazi, Bahauddin Khan, Munshi Raziuddin, Iftekhar Ahmed Nizami Qawwals
Meraj Ahmed Nizami Qawwal
Mubarak Ali – Nusrat Fateh Ali Qawwal
Munshi Raziuddin Ahmed Qawwal
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawwal
Rasheed Ahmed Fareedi Qawwal
The Sabri Brothers And Ensemble
The Warsi Brothers

Four simple rules.
One post for each poet.
Only Qawwali recordings to be included.
One version per kalam.
One recording per artist.


  1. this promises to be a fantastic endeavour indeed! :-)

  2. Fabulous. Looking forward to it...

  3. Hmmmmmm Aalaa Koshish.Yaqeenan Mazaa Aayegaaa

  4. Dear Mr. Musab,

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  5. Thankyou everyone for the encouragement. A large number of destractions topped by a laptop crash has meant that I have to start over from scratch, but I've also come across a bunch of new recordings that will allow me to significantly expand the project. Therefore, I'm afraid the first posts won't be appearing untill January or thereabouts. Still, I'll try my best to make them worth the wait.